Julius & Bella Moroch
Julius (Yehuda ben Yehuda) Moroch was born on ___ in Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland.

Bella (Beile bat Avraham) Stumpf was born on ____ in Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland.

They were married on 26 Kislev 5661 (18 December 1900).

Together, they had 9 children (one of whom died in infancy).

The children, in birth order, were:

  • Abe (Abram), husband of Rozzy, father of Helen and Ronald
  • Max (Meir), husband of Rose, father of Howard and Byron
  • Sam (Shmuel), husband of Rae, father of Richard
  • Dave (Duvid), husband of Charlotte, father of Michael
  • Jack (Yankel), husband of Kate, father of Victor and Barbara
  • Jeanette (Gietel Shaindel), wife of Benjamin, mother of Melvyn and Judy
  • Pauline (Perila), wife of Samuel, mother of Elaine and Florence
  • Morris (Moshe), husband of Lily, father of Bonnie and Carol
  • They immigrated to the United States aboard the SS Gothland (sailing from Antwerp) in July of 1913 and arrived in New York City via Ellis Island. The ship's manifest lists their family name as "Murach", and lists Julius as "Yudel" and Bella as "Beile" The youngest at the time was Jeanette, who was a baby in arms. Her name is listed as "Shainile".

    Click here and here to view pdf versions of pages from the ship's manifest.

    Click here to see a pdf copy of the Moroch family's information on the 1920 census.

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